The PAULMICHL- liquid manure earth basin (slurry lagoons) can be planned and constructed according to the on-site conditions. Filling and extraction is carried out by means of permanently installed pipes, which guarantees reliable management. Due to a state of the art, high-quality seal, storage capacities are made available, which are practically maintenance free and extendable at any time. The high resistance to UV irradiation, frost, liquid manure, slurry and silage effluents, as well as the extreme elasticity (up to 700%) guarantee long service life. The PAULMICHL -liquid manure earth basin is equipped with a double wall construction system with permanent leakage monitoring. The advantage of the PAULMICHL-liquid manure earth basin is also the fact that planning, delivery and installation come from a single source. Permanently installed inlet and outlet pipes ensure easy handling. Homogenisation can be effected by means of a mobile tractor-hitched agitator or a permanently installed submersible motor-driven agitator. Appropriate agitators are supplied with a safety device to prevent damage to the basin seal. A special feature of the PAULMICHL-liquid manure earth basin is that, because of the high safety standard, it is possible to build the liquid manure earth basin in water protection areas.

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