Fermenter agitator Mammut RF3

The mixing performance of the Type Mammut RF3 fermenter agitator has proved itself in operational practice to be unsurpassed, even when the dry substance content is high. The Mammut agitator was specially developed to provide a strong, slow and at the same time gentle mixing action. Due to the layout of the drive unit, the agitator itself contains no electrical components and no gear unit (gearing) inside the digestors. The very robust construction of the agitator guarantees reliable operation. The agitator, with an agitator blade diameter of 1600mm, is mounted on a vibration frame on bearings which is fitted with special compensators.

Wall installation is also possible. The infinitely variable angle adjustment of the Mammut agitator is effected by means of a hydraulic unit, so that an optimal positioning of the agitator in relation to the substrate of the digesters is possible. The PAULMICHL agitator is installed without any ware-prone floor or counter bearings (thrust bearings) in the digester.

Basic equipment

  • Agitator blade diameter 1600mm

  • Agitator mounting with anti-vibration bearings, fixed to an installation bracket

  • Robust gear unit with no disturbing running noises

  • Drive shaft with multiple bearings and oil-bath lubrication

  • Wall and ceiling installation possible

  • Unsurpassed mixing performance

  • Individual installation variants for wall and roof openings



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