The PAULMICHL agitator, Type Multimix, can be used in fermenters, secondary fermentation tanks and final storage tanks. A special feature of the Multimix – Agitator is the multiple reinforcement of the agitator shaft with a standard installation length of 6.50 m. Other lengths are optionally available on request. The standard horizontal and vertical hydraulic adjustment device is supplied as part of the standard equipment, along with a manual pump and a control unit. As an option, the PAULMICHL - Multimix agitator can be supplied with a fully automatic filling level adjustment system which is controlled from the central control of the biogas plant.
This feature makes it possible for the Multimix to homogenise the complete tank despite changing levels.

In spite of an agitator-blade diameter of 1200 m with a capacity of 22 kW, the PAULMICHL-Multimix agitator ensures a low-noise but nevertheless powerful transmission by means of toothed (geared) belt drive. A further advantage of the agitator is the very stable and robust construction which ensures very reliable use.
In addition, due to the layout of the drive unit, the agitator itself contains no electrical components and no gear (gearing)unit. This allows very easy access to the drive elements of the agitator.

>Due to the use of a high-quality sealing unit on the mounting plate of the tank, it is possible to operate the Multimix agitator in secondary fermentation tanks at various heights. The SIC/SIC sealing on the agitator is monitored by means of an oil expansion chamber.


  • Powerful but nevertheless low-noise transmission by means of toothed (geared) belt drive.
  • 22 kW capacity
  • Sealing plate
  • Mechanical seal SIC/SIC
  • Agitator blade 1200mm
  • Agitator for fermenter, secondary fermentation tank and final storage facilities
  • Almost the entire contents of the tank can be homogenised despite changing levels
  • Stable construction
  • Easily accessible drive elements



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