Panorama Schaugläser

Panorama Inspection Windows for fermenters, secondary fermentation tanks and final storage tanks, made by Fritz Paulmichl GmbH, allow for a significantly better optical control of the fermentation and homogenization process in closed tanks. The enlarged field of vision facilitates an optimal spatial assessment of the conditions within the tank.
PAULMICHL Inspection Windows set new standards in monitoring and above all in optimizing the efficiency of agitators by means of adjustments made under perfect optical control.

The use of high-quality materials which are resistant to chemical attack makes the individual components highly durable. By means of the easily accessible PAULMICHL Inspection Window PSG 300 – 400 sealing unit, a simple control of leak tightness is possible at all times from outside the tank.

The glass pane is made of soda-lime glass, in accordance with DIN 8902, with wipers.

The factory installation of a wash jet made of V4A piping with gas non-return valves and a DVGW approved ball valve facilitate easy cleaning of the components inside the tank.

In order to achieve a high degree of serviceability the PAULMICHL- Inspection Windows feature a separate internal fixing system for the glass elements in the mounting frame.

Diverse models of the PAULMICHL-Inspection Windows allow universal installation in already existing wall openings. Installation in subsequent tapping holes is also unproblematic.

Due to the use of adjustable lighting elements, it is possible to view the inside of the tank without being dazzled. The installation of an additional inspection window is therefore not necessary.

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