Paulmichl Compressor roller separator provides a highly efficient and relliable system for the separation of the slurry liquid fraction from the solid one. It is manuufactured in stainless steel, using a combination of rotating drum, with adjustablle compression rollersThe sieve drum separator is suitable for separating out solid parts from industrial and agricultural liquids.

Different model options are available depending on the area of application
The PAULMICHL compressor roller separator stands out due to being manufactured out of stainless steel and due to its high operational capacity of 12m³/h to 60m³/h. In addition the compressor roller separator is equipped with rubber pressure rollers with a special durable elastomer sheath.
Due to this construction, reliable operation is guaranteed when different substrates and components of substrates are used.

Technical Equipment


  • manufactured out of stainless steel

  • rubber pressure rollers with special durable elastomer sheath

  • bearings running in oil-bath sheath

  • high operational capacity of 12 - 60m³/h depending on the liquid medium


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