Liquid Manure Tanks

The PAULMICHL steel liquid manure tanks can be completely sunk into the ground. Steel construction systems of this kind have been used under extreme conditions, for instance in mining, for many decades. The panel joints are permanently sealed with a special sealing tape. Due to the extremely robust profiling of the wall elements, the PAULMICHL liquid manure tank can be constructed for use as a slurry pit, an underground tank or a high-level tank. The segmental construction method allows inexpensive and quick instalment. Thus resale is possible at a later date. The PAULMICHL-liquid manure tank is available in a variety of different diameters (5.39m – 40.0m) and heights (1.90m – 5.90m). It is also possible to increase the storage volume at a later date by extending the tank. Planning, delivery and installation come from a single source. This is advantageous, as is the simple construction of the base plate.


Our unsurpassed advantages are:


  • Large, curved, corrugated, galvanised and green plastic-coated steel plates allowing quick instalment with double corrosion protection.
  • Quick dismantling and resale possible.
  • A variety of different diameters (5.39m – 40.0m).
  • Different heights available (1.90m – 5.90m).
  • Possible increase of storage capacity at a later date through extension of the tank.
  • Simple construction of the base plate.
  • Planning, delivery and installation from a single source.



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