The PAULMICHL-submersible motor-driven pumps in the PTS product line are used to pump liquid manure, biogas slurry, sewage sludge, waste water, and similar substances, which partly contain solids. The pumps are equipped with a high-quality cutting device on the impeller, to ensure reliable and trouble-free running. Main areas of use are preliminary pits, and final storage facilities which are only partially accessible or difficult to enter. The connection to the pump line can be made using flexible pipes or with an underground coupling system in connection with a stationary lowering device.
In addition, individual custom-made products are possible for particular areas of use.

This pump stands out due to its large flow rate and reliability when filling liquid manure vehicles and tank lorries. The pump model is available with a driving power of 0.75 – 18.5 kW.

The PAULMICHL-submersible motor-driven pump with a 0.75 – 18.5 kW capacity is often used in condensate pits, pump shafts and soakaways. This pump stands out due to its compact construction and stainless steel motor housing as well as the stable centrifugal chamber.
The PAULMICHL–submersible motor-driven pump type PTS is also ideally suited for use in situations where the distance to the relevant storage tanks is greater.

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