The counter-rotating PAULMICHL high-powered cutting device made of durable WIDIA special steel is built into a large suction and pump housing, whereby a blockage of the pump in the suction area can be prevented.

The cutting device of this high-powered pump for liquid manure and solids has therefore no problem with media from biogas plants, in which liquids can contain solids and be difficult to pump.

In addition, the PAULMICHL-submersible cutting pump has a drive unit made of high-strength mechanical tubes, a drive shaft out of stainless steel with robust multiple shaft bearings, high-quality industrial ball bearings running in an oil bath and a shaft sealing with a SIC/SIC mechanical seal.

The pump is installed by means of a hot-dip galvanised wall rail which can be hung or plugged. The modular mounting of the submersible cutting pump guarantees quick and easy servicing even after many years of use.

Individual special solutions as well as the PAULMICHEL-combination unit comprising pump and agitator set new standards in the area of pump technology. This combination system stands out due to its unique homogenising capacities achieved by means of simultaneous stirring and pumping in cases in which the condition of the slurry is extreme.

Separate, sideways swivelling of the agitator nozzle and the agitator blade ensure an optimal homogenisation process.

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