Is your fermenter heating giving you problems?
Do you have difficulty keeping the operating temperature in the fermenter at a constant level? We have the solution!

Our external heat exchanger provides you with a reliable, effective heating system for your biogas plant throughout the year!

In internal fermenter heating systems, problems often occur due to the fact that they are unable to maintain the required temperature level in winter. Biomass which is deposited in the pipes has an insulating effect, so that warmth can hardly penetrate.

This often results in the need to clean the fermenter, which is costly and time-consuming. For you as the operator, this can often mean loss of function for several days!

The heating system BioHeat has been developed to fulfil the particular requirements of cost-effective biogas plants and ensures quick and reliable heating of the fermenter.

This is the ideal solution for an economical, efficient biogas plant!

The heat exchangers of SSE machines are so designed, that they can be installed on all biogas plants.

The heat exchangers can be used for fermenter heating and also sanitisation, for BioHeat has also shown itself to be a reliable component when using bio-waste in biogas plants.
The substrate is fed in at a temperature of already 70°C. Time-consuming heating is unnecessary.

The BioHeat heating system is available with two to 24 modules. On request, the length of piping can be adjusted according to requirement.

Save yourself the costly and time-consuming cleaning of the fermenter and prevent possible loss of function!

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